Pete and the Shine Brights (Italy)

Pete and the Shine Brights

Pete and the Shine Brights is an Italian rockabilly trio, formed by Pete (Pietro Zamperini), vocal and rhythm guitar, Mark (Marco Bosser), solo guitar, and Rick (Enrico Bellomo) on a double bass.

Pete, the singer, a young fan of rockabilly and country music, fell in love with the entire subculture dating back to the early ’50s, and in January 2017 he decided to set up a band with two of his friends, playing in a rockabilly and hillbilly style of that time.

With the apparent tendency to the roots of rockabilly music, this band uncompromisingly practices a style dating back to that time – playing without a drummer, which was normal in southern states of USA in the late 40s and early 50s.

In addition to often covered musicians such as Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Ray Smith, Tennessee Ernie Ford, playlist of Pete and the Shine Brights also contain songs of many less known artists, such as Charlie Feathers, Bobby Lord, Autry Inman and others.