General Data Protection Regulation & Cookie policy

1.DATA PROTECTION OVERVIEW / PRIVACY POLICY is a website owned by Youth NGO “retroPERSPEKTIVA” from Vinkovci, Croatia, as an organizer of Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival.

Pursuant to the duty to inform as per Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation we would like to inform you transparently about collecting you personal information on our website and processing your data.

1.1.  Personal information is data with which you could be personally identified:

  • Your name
  • Your residence address
  • Your VAT
  • Number of your bank account
  • Your E-mail address
  • Your telephone number

1.2. Non-personal data

  • Data about the device that you use for accessing the Internet
  • Data about the type and version of Internet browser that you are using
  • Data about the way that you are viewing this website states that it will not collect, process or share any personal information from the visitors of this website. Only non-personal data can be used and processed by the owners of this site.

In case you apply to participate in the Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival as a performer, exhibitor or in any other way for which we collect applications through this web site, by submitting your application you consent to processing your personal information for the purpose of your participation in the Festival.

2.COOKIE POLICY is using cookies for better user experience on this website.

Type of cookies that we are using:

    2.1. Session/browser cookies

  • Session/browser cookies are improving the quality of browsing this website. That cookies do not store any of your personal information and they are placed in your computer only to the end of your browsing session (they are automatically erased from your computer when you leave our site).

   2.2. Statistic cookies

  • We are using the statistic service to track the number of our website visitors and the way they are using our website. StatCounter service is not collecting any of your personal information, as stated on their website: .
    If you do not want your visits to be statistically processed, you can block the StatCounter service by clicking the link “Refuse StatCounter Analytics Cookies” on this site: Note that, by clickin this, you’ll disable the StatCounter service not only on our website, but on every website that uses the StatCounter service. This action will not influence the quality of your visit to our site in any way.

If you have any questions or complaints about this website GDPR and cookie policy, please contact the following E-mail:

This text only applies to the treatment of visitors of this website. It does not apply to organization proceedings of the Festival, or any other activities of NGO “retroPERSPEKTIVA”.