Greasy Flat 4 (Croatia)


Greasy Flat Four
Greasy Flat 4, photo: Nenad Milić

“Greasy Flat 4” is quite new Croatian band, formed in Vinkovci under the influence of the Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival and Matija Vukoja, one of Festival’s two head organizers.

The first trace of band’s existance was recorded in the promotional video clip for the 2nd Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival, and the first members were Matija Vukoja (vocals and rhythm guitar), Ivan Jukić (solo guitar, vocals), Tomislav Šekerija (double bass) and Ivan Iživkić-Mali (drums).
In band’s current lineup the drummer Ivan Iživkić has been replaced with Dejan Radojčić.

The band always starts playing in almost authenthic rockabilly style, but it often escalates close to pscyhobilly. Songs from the 50’s are main part of their repertoire – Charlie Feathers, Johnny Powers, The Phantom, Warren Smith, Buddy Holly …

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