Program (2nd HLRF, 2018.)

Daytime gig of DJ Bronco (HLRF 2017), photo credits: Craftomoto
Daytime gig of DJ Bronco (HLRF 2017) Photo credits: Craftomoto

Our 2nd Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival was a two day event of dancing, exhibits, photo shootings and rockabilly gigs. The Festival took place in Vinkovci on August 10 & 11 2018.

Program on August 10 (Friday):

– DJ Bronco

Dynamite Dudes (HU)
Moonshine Alligators (SRB)

Program on August 11 (Saturday)

– DJ Wanderer, DJ McFly
– Miss Stacey’s Cabaret Show

Joe and The Rhythm Boys (SLO)
Naked Truckers (HU)
B and the Bops (HR)

(more about bands you can read at page “Lineup”)

And here is a sneak-peek of other contents that we’re planning for this festival:

Back to Swing

Back To SwingThe story of Back to Swing – a group of swing music and dance enthusiasts – started in 2011. That year they have founded an NGO in Zagreb, with an aim to learn, teach and explore the art of dancing. Back to Swing is a group of people of different backgrounds, interests, ages, potentials and talents – and all together they have an extraordinary gift to attract even more devotees who simply fall in love with what Back to Swing is successfully doing for the past 7 years.
This dance troupe became a must at all major vintage i retro events in Croatia. And yes – they were dancing at our 1st Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival last year. This summer, we will see them again – and you can dance along. If you happen to be shy (or not so limber) just enjoy the unforgettable sight of Back to Swing in action.

Hang Loose dance troupe

Hang Loose plesna grupaOur home-team, the Hang Loose dance troupe was created by chance, while we were promoting the activities and the spirit of our 1st Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival. However, as both the festival and the presented dances incited much interest, we were encouraged to organize more serious dance-workshops in Vinkovci during the past 6 months.

Inspired by rockabilly music itself, as well as by the skills of Back to Swing dance troupe from Zagreb, the dancing girls and boys of Hang Loose will proudly show you what we’ve have learned so far.


Barbershop Španić

Barbershop ŠpanićAs our festival grows, the Barbershop Španić team aspires to grow in size and put forward even more cool contents. They were super busy and had lots of fun working at our fair last year.

This year, they are going to bring in a wide range of products that will be on sale, and even more barbers will be at your service.
Apparently, they have more surprises up their sleeve, but you have to come to see them at our festival in order to find out more.



Dlaka 22Dlaka22 hair salon will be in charge of make-up and hair-do for the ladies this year as well. From the very beginning, this parlor proved to be extraordinarily different – both by name and style.

The owner – Ana Parcetić Kvaka – fell in love with the vintage pin-up style when we started organizing our 1st festival. Waves and curls, combined with bandanas and bows will effectively relocate the ladies back into the 50’s and 60’s and thus contribute to the unforgettable visual impression of our Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival.


HellBoy Tattoo

Hell Boy TattooHellBoy Tattoo studio owned by Slaven Kustura is one of the best known tattoo studios in Slavonia. This artist from Županja is a long-time friend and business associate of the Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival organizational team. He supported our festival with great enthusiasm from the very beginning – last year you could have seen him in action (and get a tattoo) in an improvised studio that was set up in an old-timer VW T2 van, and he will be with us this summer as well.

Apart from beeing a tattoo-artist, Slaven writes (and publishes) novels and books for children, engages in visual arts and organizes cultural events and happenings in Županja.

Apart from those listed above, there’ll be also some other exhibitors – Sentimental Bikes (custom bycicles), Kerefeke (colorful skirts and ribbons), Craftomoto (unique furniture and decorations) and many others.