Pin-up Photo Contest

Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival 2018, photo credits: Josipa Bjelobrk
Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival 2018, photo by  Josipa Bjelobrk, models: Miss Stacey and Kristijan

Do you want to try something new, move your boundaries, make unique memories? HLRF (Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival) organizes a Pin-Up photo contest to which you can join. 🙂

Adult female models or male/female couples from Croatia and abroad, as well as the photographers can apply for the competition. Deadline is May 31st 2019.

Photographs of female models (whether single models or female part of applied couples) enter the competition for “Miss Pin-Up Photo” (winners selected on the day of the Festival), while photographs of all contestants (females and couples) enter the competition for the HLRF 2020. calendar (published by the end of 2019).

From the applicant models we require compliance with pin-up visual style of dress, makeup and hairstyle. Predicted sceneries are classic cars, motorcycles and bicycles, retro furniture and picnic setup.

This competition will be held on the 3rd HLRF on June 29, 2019 at the site of the HLRF (“Tenin salaš” Kralj Tomislava 76b, Vinkovci), as scheduled:

  • 17:30 – 18:00 hours – gathering, introduction with the propositions, signing the agreements, assigning sceneries
  • 18:30 – 20:00 hours – photo shooting
  • 23:00 hours – deadline for sending the applicant photos
  • 23:00 – 00:00 – judging session, selection of the winners of Miss Pin-Up Photo contest
  • after midnight, in the first break of rockabilly concert program – winner announcement of Miss Pin-Up Photo contest

We accept 3 types of applications:

  1. team applications of model (single female or male/female couple) and photographer
  2. independent model (single female or male/female couple) application
  3. independent photographer application

In the case of application types 2 and 3, organizer will form the teams right before the start of photo shooting. Depending on the number of the applicants, it is possible that the organizer will assign up to two of independent models to one independent photographer.

The organizer reserves the right to reject the application without an explanation (eg due to the excessive response of the models in relation to the possible number of sceneries, or due to differences in the number of models and photographers, etc.). The organizer obliges to notify all applicants about acception/rejection of their applications by 3rd of June 2019. at 15:00 hrs.

Models and photographers are not paid for the participation on the contest, and the costs of accommodation/transportation are borne by themselves. For all accepted contestants, the organizer will provide a free entrance to the festival. We do not charge any registration fee.

Organizer will provide prizes for the winners of the “Miss Pin-Up Photo” contest (listed on the bottom of this text). The winners will be selected by jury composed of at least three members of the NGO “retroPERSPEKTIVA” (HLRF organizer) and one official photographer of the HLRF.

Photo albums of all contestants will be published at HLRF’s Facebook page in the week after the festival, and Pin-up photo calendar by the end of this year.

All photographers will be asked to sign the consent with which they grant HLRF free and permanent use of all the photos submitted at the competition for the purpose of publication in the media and for the purpose of promoting the future festivals, and the organizer will sign the obligation to credit the author at each photo release.

Submission of contest materials

As a final result of photo shooting, each photographer is obliged to enclose the minimum number of photographs according to the following specifications:

-for independent female models:

  • 6 photographs in vertical (“portrait”) orientation
  • 6 photographs in horizontal (“landscape”) orientation

-for male/female couples:

  • 3 photographs of female model in vertical (“portrait”) orientation,
  • 3 photographs of couple in vertical (“portrait”) orientation,
  • 3 photographs of couple in horizontal (“landscape”) orientation
  • 2 photographs of female model in horizontal (“landscape”) orientation
  • 2 photographs of male model in horizontal (“landscape”) orientation

Minimal size of he photos is: 3500 x 2600 px (2600 x 3500 px).

As already described in the competition schedule, the photographers have 3 hours from the end of the photo shooting (if they finish earlier, they will have more time to process the photos, of course) to submit the minimum required number of photos (up to 23: 00h). Good luck!

Application forms are available for download on the application download page (click here). Other required documents are also listed in application forms. 

For any other information please call +385 98 908 4425 (after 15:00 hrs on working days), or e-mail to

PRIZES – Pin-Up Photo Contest

  1. PRIZE
    -Model: Gift voucher 500 HRK, Loker Fashion Store (Vinkovci) + T-shirt Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival
    -Photographer: 500 HRK
  2. PRIZE
    -Model: Wellness- 2-person voucher “Together Forever”, Villa Lenije (Vinkovci) + T-shirt Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival
    -Photographer: 300 HRK
  3. PRIZE
    -Model: Gift Pack “Hang Loose Store” (backpack, tobacco pouch) + T-shirt Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival
    -Photographer: 200 HRK