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Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival 2017, photo credits: Craftomoto
Part of the atmosphere at Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival 2017.  Photo credits: Craftomoto

The idea of having an annual rockabilly festival was born during a quite boring winter in the Croatian region of Slavonia. Frail and shy in the beggining, the idea grew for a month or two and then we pushed it to a stage of developing a real project.

The first Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival was a one-day event that took place in the small town of Vinkovci at August 19, 2017., after 6 months of preparations. Three bands played that night at the gymnasium schoolyard, following attractive dance shows and a mini fair held by several craft-workshops (retro barber and hairdresser’s shops, pin-up clothes and accessories, vintage bicycles, tattoo artist and many others), and a vintage and American car & motorcycle exhibition.

Reactions to our newborn festival were more than positive, binding us to go a bit further in organizing future events. The second festival will take place on August 10 & 11, 2018., as a 2-day event with 5 rockabilly bands, two dancing groups performing stroll, rockabilly jive and related dances, pin-up photo shooting and much more.

If you are interested in visiting our event, please check the accommodation facilities in the area and feel free to contact us for further informations.

Below – promo video and selected images from the 1st Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival (2017.):