5th Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival – Vinkovci, Croatia

The 5th Hang Loose Rockabilly Festival was the second festival in a row with reduced content due to the still current Covid-19 pandemic. It was held on June 25 and 26 2021. in the backyard of the Rockabilly Bar “Hang Loose” in Vinkovci, and four rockabilly bands played, all coming from Croatia: B and the Bops (Zagreb), Mississippi Queen (Zagreb) , Jumpin ‘Jigawatts (Zagreb) and The Cat Paws (Daruvar). More details about the bands you can find HERE. 

Among other contents, a mini fair of some small and big names was held – Kerefeke, Hang Loose Store, Hang Loose & Borovo (Startas and Boromine), Optika Marko, mini flea market, photo exhibition “Sweet little 50th” on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the well known Hang Loose VW bug Lucy, children’s creative workshops and Pin-up photo session.

The atmosphere was danceable and cheerful, as evidenced by the photographs of Nenad Milić, Mirjana Pjevac and Ivan Tubanović.

Visit us next year at “Tena’s Salaš” in our 6th, full version. 🙂

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