Dynamite Dudes (Hungary)

Dynamite Dudes (Hungary)
„All big boobs into the first row…!!!”

“Dynamite Dudes” are a Hungarian trio, formed on a bright July day in 2015 and they haven’t stopped ever since – both on local and international grounds. Their music combines modern with traditional, they are always ready to play it, and their principle of „Panem et circenses” – bread and circuses – always pays off.

This three-piece garage-rockabilly band mixes early blues with modern pop in rockabilly manner.

The double bass is played by Mitch Farty, who likes to set his instruments on fire (figuratively and literally), the Geisha-Ball who always breaks the strings of his guitar, and the pimp Big Fat Chubby (harpo genius), who already has seen it all.

Always end everywhere, they are beloved guests. Come to our festival and check out why.

More info: www.facebook.com/DynamiteDudes